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A skirmish
“You’ve been caught. There’s nothing more you can do so why are you still fighting?”
Arya hissed in frustration, her friends were injured, and while she could keep fighting… they couldn’t. Syrian was trying to stabilize people while she defended their small group of five people from the other Khala before her.
“Because I still have something to fight for!” The words were snarled, feral as she lept back into the fray, swords flashing as she called on her reserves of strength. Syrian just had to get one person to their feet to go for help. To find Mordrain or any of the White Wolf clan Barbarians.
A poisoned blade bit into her, catching a tender side that was uncovered from her armor only briefly in the fight. Arya tasted copper for only a moment before a mix of blood and bile came up. Thankfully, she was able to resist the worst effects of the poison.
“Stop that!” More annoyed as healing light coated her hand, and pressed to he
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A tall youth looked down from the cliff top he stood on, black wings folded on his back like a statue. A peaceful expression was etched in the teen's expression. Maybe, just maybe he could be safe for a while. Tavar couldn't help the slight shell of nerves that came with being constantly chased, hunted, and treated like a prize to scientists.
So far he had managed to avoid them. So far the white haired avian was safe to relax and let the stress melt away in a place that most would find hard to access. This was his peace, his solitude and freedom. In a way his wings were a mixed blessing and a curse. The blessing was to fly and feel the wind through his hair and the feathers. To know he could be in a place that humans could only dream of, yet they came at a price.
The skies and wilds were his home; cities and a normal house were all too enclosed for him to live in comfortably. Tavar could survive; it was what he was created to do anyway. With a final thought he raced to the edge of the
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Character Profile: Dorian
Name: Dorian
Nickname: Dori
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Race: Fennec fox shapeshifter
Occupation: Rogue
Appearance: Dorian has sandy colored ears, tail, and hair. He's almost like a faun in that from his waist down he has the hind legs and tail of a fox. He's not very tall though his ears are quite large compared to other features on him. His hands are small, almost feminine in shape. His body is covered in numerous scars from whips or what looks like snake bites. For clothes he usually has a loose shirt and pants that just cover to his knees. Dorian's eyes are honey/amber in color. In his fox form Dorian is a small Fennec fox with the same colors as his ears and other furry areas.
Personality: Due to having been in Drow slavery since he was little more than a child, Dorian is very timid and not very trusting of people. Females seem to be who he's most timid of, and it is understandable in Drow culture, though he does follow orders given to him. If he trusts somebody Dorian often will stay
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Character Profile: Azoth
Name: Azoth
Nickname: Azo, Azie (Hates it with a passion, the name he's called by his darker half.)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Gifted Human
Abilities: Animate drawings, and with quite a bit of concentration and his own energy he can make them leave the paper for short periods of time. This does leave him feeling tired if it is active for an extended period of time. This does pull on his ties to reality and sanity.
Appearance: Azoth is not the tallest person at five foot ten inches, but he doesn't seem to care much about it. His pale blond, almost white hair is at the longest just to his shoulders and messy. Most of the time he cuts it himself in a ragged cut to keep it out of the way. His eyes are a stormy grey color. Azoth's body type is small and possibly a bit on the skinny side. He has multiple scars on his body, but only a few self inflicted ones on his wrists. Most are on his back, chest, and one on his forehead that is usually covered by his hair. His clothes usually are a plain
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Nightmare to a Fresh Start
The feeling of being nothing more than dirt is where I started.  I couldn't think to stand up for myself after years of bullying and emotional abuse from my father.  I think it was the best thing that happened to me after he snapped and tried to turn the abuse physical.  I spent most of my lunches in detention with the guidance counselor.  She was a kind woman, the type that you could open up about anything to.  Yet I hid my skeletons out of fear.
When everything was out in the open I felt that the elephant on my chest finally vanished.  I could breathe easier without that helplessness that followed whenever I was at home or school.  I didn't tell my dad I wasn't coming back after spending the weekend with my mom, but I figured he knew something was up.  The social worker there kind of hinted to that much, though he said nothing to give it away.
I told him that Sunday, and had the phone on speaker phone so
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53. Keeping a Secret
They couldn't know what I did at night. That I was in a gang as the assassin only because I didn't feel the same way everybody else does with death. A window was my escape and easy way out with an old oak tree to climb down into the sleeping streets of the village.
How could I tell them? I would be turned in if they ever found the blood stains in my clothes or the gun I hide under my bed. Isaak would be disappointed with me if he knew. That I knew deep in my heart. I didn't see the killings like I should have, in a way I was numb to the reasons. Secrets would pile up among lies that I told daily.
I had to stop keeping so many secrets, but by then what was truth anymore? My greatest secret could end me in a cell, and my only father figure disappointed in what I did with my life.
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Churches are usually one place I never go; mostly out of fear of my sins being found out about. Besides, when I did ask for guidance, anything to show me I was on the right path. Nothing happened. Murder stains my soul; drugs were the only peace that I could find in the world.
Now, sitting in a pew in an empty church I swear I can hear something in me. It sounds like Isaak saying that I could be forgiven. A prayer slips past my lips, a plea to be forgiven by something. Almost instantly I feel as if I was understood, a peace was in the air that wasn't there moments before. Maybe I can be forgiven for my crimes. That I can be cleansed from the blood staining my soul. Cleansed of my inner demon that feeds on my guilt and anger inside me.
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Okay if anything is more evil than school and testing it is writers block. In other news I applied for a short fiction internship/apprenticeship/something of that sort. Maybe that will help. OTL

So does anybody have any tips?


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